Is Time a Problem?

A pamalogist asks whether a time piece would have been invented if there was no such thing as time.
Would time pieces have been invented if our only perception was omnichronical?

Do good things take time? Ahhh, but what if all good things always happened? Seems more logical that way. After all, for Maximized Awesomeness to be real, that than which there could be nothing greater must include all good possibilities. Many good possibilities involve time.

How, for instance (pun intended), could there be discovery without time? How could there be achievement? How could there be healing? How could there be any sense of a first time? How could there be a breaking away from the mundane? Are you doing a good thing if you fix something? What if you teach someone a skill? But doesn’t that require ignorance?

And how can there be omniscience without the knowledge of all instants? And how can there be a knower of all things if there is no unknowing in that knowledge?

Oh, please. Think about it. Are you omniscient? Is there anything you don’t know? Have you ever learned anything? Maybe not. If not, then does omniscience know what you know? If you don’t know all things, then how can omniscience know what you know?

But the philosophers say there can be no contradictory truths according to the rules of logic. So, if maximized awesomeness is true, is omniscience true? I say never you mind about contradictory truths when it comes to maximized awesomeness and reality. Time is a reliving of what already exists in an everlasting state of all goodness.

But you say to me there is evil. Maximized Awesomeness cannot be real. And I say back that it is not Maximized Awesomeness that cannot be real. It is evil that cannot be real. You’ve already given me the logic by your complaint. You assume Maximized Awesomeness entails a total lack of evil. I agree.

How hard is it to imagine that it is not Perfection that is unreal, but imperfection instead? In the omnichronicity of Maximized Awesomeness, time would be an imperfection in and of itself if it were not for its servitude to the whole.

So I’ll stand by this belief: If all good possible moments are continually relived, as the notion of Maximized Awesomeness requires, then you are uploaded with the conditions of evil but those moments are your opportunities to be awesome. Circumstances have no moral weight because they have no freedom to choose to do good of themselves. The chooser is you, the one blessed with these many moments.

Update the circumstance with awesome choices. It’s what you’re here for.


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