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Pamalogy affirms the goodness of purpose as the best of all possibilities as determined by the imagination of omniscient truth. It sees truth as existing in all possibility independently of any Universe, from whence its omniscience is logically deduced. In all possibility is the knowledge of perfect beauty and the maximization of awesomeness not just in concept but in reality because the means of achieving it ex nihlo is also known. From this precept stems the understanding of all things we believe as prophets of truth. And we believe there are many Universes because there are so many good possibilities that single histories cannot contain them all, even if individual Universes can contain much.


Pamalogy believes in many Universes. It is not polytheistic because it concludes there is but one all encompassing Perfection. It is sometimes confused with Palmology because of the sound of the name.  but the pronunciation is “PaMAWlogy;” not “PalmOlogy.” We do not read palms. We do not practice astrology. Pamalogy is simply a philosophical system that begins with the premise that Truth has enacted Perfection in Wisdom so that its radiance of Beauty is shared by conscious beings in a host of Universes, including the Universe of Earth.

On this web site you will find the Pamalogy Bible and Pamalogy study groups so that you can become familiar with the Pamalogy community.  We are a community of thinkers and we worship one God as Perfection. We find that Perfection is Triune because what Perfection does is Perfect and there can be but one wholly maximized Awesomeness. Therefore the being of Perfection and the Doing of Perfection are One. This is to say that Perfection Begets Itself as Perfection. Perfection is both Begetter and Begotten and thirdly shares in unity this Perfection both fully as Perfection Itself and portionally by radiance in all glory, in which every manner of good thing is accomplished.

Pamalogy is thus a Triune Philosophy which prompts worship of the one true perfect God. Pamalogists do not have churches, synagogs, mosques, temples, shrines or buildings. They are mystics in the contemplation of  Truth and they are tabernacles of light in the Universe of Earth.

Pamalogists understand that this world cannot be our home because it has a tainted history, containing in itself injustice, tragedy and spiritual darkness.  It belongs to the class of Universes that contain mixtures of good and of evil rather than good alone. Such Universes are held not to actually exist. They exist in the way that imaginary algebraic numbers do – such as the solution for x in x^2=-4. They exist only as hypotheticals. They are experienced as real only for higher purposes of conscious reality. Being wholly seperate Universes, they have space and time continua related only to themselves. Not being a part of that which is worthy of Perfection, only that which is good in them is real. And that which is good in them has always been real in Perfection. It adds nothing to the whole of Perfection. It shares in a portion of that which is good to the extent that it receives the light of eternal goodness, which is not of this world.  What is in darkness has no means of achieving reality in space and time apart from the decision of Truth to make it real.

What is thus perceived is therefore perceived only for the sake of perfect Beauty, not to add to it, which in Perfection is not possible, but in the sharing of its many portions. And this is very good news because if one is conscious, one has a purpose as just described. For that which is imaginary, living in pure darkness, does not possess consciousness. Evil serves no worthy purpose. It therefore does not exist. It never has existed. It never will exist. And the destiny of every conscious being is awesomeness. We know this is true because such truth is an obligation in the imagination of omniscience. The sin of the world is thus taken away as far as the east is from the west, as far as the first is from the last. And there is no fellowship between the light and the darkness.

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