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Put on your thinking cap and think awesome thoughts! The Pamalogy Logo is a top hat with a sprocket, signifying thinking and connectedness.

Pamalogy is short for Poly Astronomically Maximized Awesomeology. It is the logical philosophy of Perfection. What is Perfection? It is that which includes every possible (and impossible) good thing while excluding any bad thing. Does Perfection exist? If so, what does that mean about the purpose of your life and what you are? If there is such a thing as Perefection, how can it be possible that you see things like famine, injustice, disease, suffering and death?

Are these bad things a dream? An illusion? A simulation? Or are you existing as pure goodness in another Universe while all these bad things are in a place an infinite amount of time into the future where your goodness is being supplied? Surely something an infinite amount of time into the future will never happen. Yet your goodness is a reality in it. That way such things as forgiveness, which requires sin to forgive, healing, which requires infirmity to be real, and the beauty of being raised from the dead, which requires death to be risen, become part of all that could possibly (and impossibly) be part of realized Perfection.

Has Perfection found a way to realize itself? What are you as a perceiver? How did Perfection come to be? Pamalogy proposes some remarkably convincing answers. How does Pamalogy compare to world religions? How does it fit into political idealogies? How does it compare to other philosophical systems? You are invited to take an online course and be certified in Pamalogy.

Pamalogy as a school of philosophy was founded by James Carvin. The Pamalogy Society Headquarters is now located in the arts district between Florida State University and Florida A&M University in Railroad Square.  Please come meet the founder.

Pamalogy Society HQ
168-1 McDonnell Dr C1
Tallahassee, FL 32301

The Pamalogy Hat with Sprocket Logo
The Pamalogy Top Hat with Sprocket Logo
business card
The Pamalogy Business Card


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