Mission Statement & Purpose

Mission Statement 

The Pamalogy Society is dedicated to the creation and promotion of awesomeness, and to the philosophical consideration of the basis for determining what the maximization of awesomeness means, both metaphysically and axiologically. The promotion of metaphysical Pamalogy means that teaching materials are to be supplied in the form of books, videos, web sites, blogs, mass media and other social media content, as well as academic papers and productions. Axiological Pamalogy involves projects for maximizing human awesomeness, beginning with the formation of profitable self-sustaining enterprises worthy of incubation and acceleration due to their predictable positive impact, where the Pamalogy Society will raise funds and provide support to fill that role as it develops journalistic and other media mechanisms and platforms to reach as many as possible. The Pamalogy Society is not just any incubator or accelerator. Its mission includes both metaphysical Pamalogy, as described above, and an axiological Pamalogy, which includes the implementation of “pamalonomies” and the preparation of a new era of incentivized asynalagonomy.  Pamalonomies can take many forms, not the least important of which are tech guilds, entrepreneurial incubators and accelerators. They will have in common many ways in which resources and profits can be shared among participants for the maximum benefit of all in the advent era of incentivized asynalagonomy. In short, it is our mission to achieve the greatest possible internal and external impact through effective incentives to contribute time, talent and/or resources to worthy projects both for and not-for profit.  


The purpose of the organization, as written in the Pamalogy Society Bylaws (Article 2.01) is the facilitation and exploration of maximized awesomeness, as expressed by its founder, James Carvin. By exploration is meant the discussion and discovery of ways that goodness might be maximized through human enterprise or otherwise through nature, the cosmos, the multiverse and beyond. Discourse and teaching regarding metaphysical concepts of philosophy fits within that purview, as does consideration and discovery of axiological concepts both in theory and practice.  

By facilitation is meant the support of projects through incubation, acceleration, sponsorship, support, investment and member cooperation. Specifically, these projects are those deemed by the organization to result in or contribute to a maximally positive impact, whether in the United States or beyond, beginning with the journalistic, technical and educational projects specified and described at JamesCarvin.com. Cooperation includes member and non-member contributions of time and or resources to projects that the members support and may involve benefits such as grants and or the sharing of human or other resources offered by the Pamalogy Society. It also refers to the production of materials and mechanisms for communication, elaboration and amplification of all the above. 


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