1And the solution was like a pearl unfound because it was not known of or sought, strengthened by every pressure 2For the Pamalogists had no audible voice in those days. 3But as machines came to assist in economic endeavors and quantum exploration evolved, the thunderous voice of Pamalogy was uncovered, buried in the muck under a great sea of myths and misdirection.

Genesis 8:4
Genesis 8:4

4And Pamalogy introduced them to incentivized asynalagonomy.

5For lo, while communism sought rule by workers through anarchy and while socialism sought control of economies by the state, and whereas capitalism strived to allow individuals and businesses the freedom to work enterprises as they saw fit solely for their own good and for the perceived benefit of those they sold to, this fourth system was uncovered. 6And it had all of the benefits of the first three and none of their flaws.

7And the incentive in incentivized asynalagonomy was earned privilege. 8And asynalagonomy was an economy without trade. And rights and privileges were determined and governed democratically by all through the Human Availability and Needs Database System. 9And the system was called HANDS.

10And each citizen earned their own privileges. 11And an individual’s privilege was optimized by algorithms that considered supply, demand, incentives to work and many other factors as the many citizens of any HANDS community agreed.

12And it came to pass that communities tested the model from place to place until their incentivized asynalagonomies proved to be more effective than the familiar economic systems.

13For by them education was provided without cost, health care was also truly free, as was food and entertainment. 14And there was no cost to do research and innovate. 15Neither was there disregard for the environment or anyone who profited from it. 16Nor was there profit in crime. And there were no drug cartels. 17And there was no such thing as unemployment for there was no cost to hire anyone. 18And there was compelling incentive for each to do their job well that they might earn greater privileges.

17And behold. There were no taxes or tax collectors. 18There was no rent or mortgage or utility bills to keep up with. 19There were no advertisements. 20There were no commercials. 21There were no banks or bankers. 22There were no crime syndicates. 23There was no need for insurance. 24There was no stock market. 25There were no portfolios to manage. 26There were no debt collectors. 27There were no bookkeepers or accountants. 28There were no financial planners. 29No one was ever presented with a costly upgrade option for software they wished to use. 30Healthcare was preventative. 31Healthy food cost no more than junk food. 32There were no more sales calls. 33Politicians could not raise their own privileges. They had to earn them. 34And there was never an unbalanced budget. And there was no homelessness and nobody begged.

35Even so, mankind had become accustomed to the failure of communist and socialist experiments. Therefore the many were skeptical when HAND Systems were first proposed to supplant failing capitalist economies.

36”Pamalonomies”, as they were called, were shrugged off as just more utopian fantasies.

37 And thus the vital difference of maximizing the power of incentives through privilege was ignored by these critics. 38 And the media powers that were controlled by averists magnified their voices. Pamalonomies, the Pamalogists emphasised, were also directly governed by participants who determined their own form of rule. 39Nevertheless, naysayers compared them to the tyrannical dystopias of the twentieth century.

40 And thus Pamalogy was suppressed even when it was discovered.

things to come
1Those were the days which preceded the great apocalypse – just as the singularity was emerging.

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