Perfection ex nihilo
1Thus the Imagination of Omniscience accomplished Perfection. And what power did it possess that it could perform its abstraction out of nothing, many asked?

Genesis 3:7
Genesis 3:7

2Beauty was born as an overflow, like matter that outweighs antimatter, only nothing of Beauty was annihilated by antiBeauty. 3For the non-negation of even the slightest good thing, which was part of Beauty, dwelt among all possibility. And it was very good. Yea, it was perfectly Brilliant.

4Indeed, in the same way that matter is created out of nothing in the fluctuation in Universes between balances of matter and antimatter, so also was Beauty analogously created out of nothing, yet it was also uncreated because beauty exists in the knowledge of Truth. 5Moreover, Beauty in its fullness was ever and singularly begotten of Itself in the proto energy of Truth from the pure possibility that exists at all times in all Universes.

6For all possibility exists even if there is nothing in any Universe – no matter, no energy, no fields, no particles, no gravity, no relationship, true nothingness. And it does not hang in a balance between matter and antimatter as if it was a force with any cause outside of itself. 7For pure possibility is wholly independent. And in All possibility is Truth and Beauty, which is Maximized Awesomeness, unconditionally awaiting Its performance as realization in as many space-time continua as are necessary to exhaust all good and beautiful possibility.

8And behold a parable. The kingdom of Truth is like the holographic record retained at the event horizon of a black hole, where the disentangled particles remain while their opposites are brought to naught in a space-time that will never be. 9So also was imperfection negated through the disentanglement of whole Universes.

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