four modes of explanation
1And there were four modes of explanation – exegesis, eisegesis, stromagesis and theogesis. 2And the exegetes explained what they thought writers meant. 3And the eisegetes explained what they wanted the writings to mean without concern for what the writers intended. 4And the stromagetes explained all things that they could. 5And there was only one Theogete. 6And the explanation of the Theogete could only be found by way of unknowing through the fields of Beauty. 7For the Theogete was the triunity of Perfection.

Genesis 20:1
Genesis 20:1

8And the exegetes criticized and belittled the eisegetes. 9And the stromagetes did not restrict the meaning of texts to what was first intended by writers because they placed theogesis above exegesis.


10For if the objective was to discern the meaning of God, exegesis was but one mode of learning it.

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